zaterdag 15 januari 2011

New version of MKV to AppleTV tool

New version of FastMKV2MP4 available (v0.3).
Added batch queue support.
Selected mkv files with their relevant tracks are written to a queue and processed by the mp4 jobserver

Download zip file:

Extract the zip file in eg : C:\video\FastMKV2MP4.
You'll need the Microsoft .NET runtine installed. For licensing reasons I cannot distribute the conversion tools used by this program. To my knowledge all of these files/tools are free to use.
So you will need to download these yourselves:
- mp4box : (works with version 0.4.6)
- ac3filter  : (works with version 1.63b)
- eac3to    : (works with version 3.24)
- mkvtoolnix : (works with version 4.5.0)
- neroaac : (only one version available)

The files need to be extracted in a subdirectory of the folder where you put the FastMKV2MP4.exe
eg :
C:\video\FastMKV2MP4\mp4box\... put all files of mp4box here
C:\video\FastMKV2MP4\ac3filter\... put all files of ac3filter here
C:\video\FastMKV2MP4\eac3to\... put all files of eac3to here
C:\video\FastMKV2MP4\mkvtoolnix\... put all files of mkvtoolnix here
C:\video\FastMKV2MP4\neroaac\... put all files of nero aac here

Previous version can be found at:

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Runtime and software is all in place but when the process starts, I get the following error:
    Jobserver started
    Could not access batch.txt, retrying...
    Could not access batch.txt, retrying...
    Could not access batch.txt, retrying...

    1. I have the same issue. Keep getting this message

    2. Had the same problem, downloaded mkvtoolnix 4.5.0 and it be seen if it works...

    3. yes you really need to stick the the versions mentioned above in the 'installation' section.

  2. When parsing extsubtitles line in batch.txt you split it by ':' char; but path can contain the ':' char after drive letter (e.g. D:\downloads\blah\ In that case, mp4box arguments are broken and it bails with an error.
    mp4box.exe ... -add "D:lang=\Downloads\blah\\Downloads\blah\" ...

  3. thanks, you are right, unfortunately I lost all code because of a harddisk crash (no backup :-( )
    So I will leave it as is, but thanks for reporting anyway!

  4. i got a little issue there is no mp4 file after the process, but it says job completed. which version of mp4box have you used to get it done correctly?

  5. @Marshmallow : I used
    MP4Box - GPAC version 0.4.6-DEV-rev2735
    Compilation Date: Mar 2 2011 - by Kurtnoise

    just did a fresh install and used all latest versions of the above tools except for mp4box I used 0.4.6

  6. MP4Box seems to crash the moment mux the external subtitle. Unfortunatly i cant see the error coz the command line windows just closes too fast. Could you help me with that? DO you use any kind of logging ?

  7. I'm not getting 5.1 in AppleTV (version 3). All of the movies I've purchased via iTunes play in surround, so I know it's not an issue with my receiver. I've yet to figure out how to make an mp4 from an mkv that will play 5.1 in AppleTv (and I've tried a lot of methods). Are there any tweaks I can use with this program to get a resulting mp4 that will be surround compatible with AppleTV?